Museums, mosques, sights, monuments, landmarks, forts and towers in & near Doha, Qatar

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Doha museums, sights and monuments
Bronze sculptures by Rebecca Cabau van Kasbergen. Art Gallery Voûte
Bronze sculptures by Rebecca Cabau van Kasbergen. Art Gallery Voûte

Frans van Straaten Gorilla


Frans van Straaten
190 cm
Big Good Gorilla
Estimate EUR 90,000
Starting bid EUR 61,000 Euro



Doha, once a small pearl fishing village, is a very modern city today. Doha's history is a history to be proud of. You will learn Doha's history by prints and manuscripts, it's armour or woodwork, pottery and jewellery and prehistoric settlement gold, medals, stone age flints and fossils.

Tip: historical sites, towers and forts.

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Qatar Museums Authority (QMA) museums and collections in Doha


Museum of Islamic Art
Doha, Qatar
Tel.: 00974 44224444  Fax: 00974 44224446
An QMA museum


Qatar National Museum

Situated on the eastern part of the Corniche


Tel: 00974 4442191
An QMA museum


Mathaf, Arab Museum of Modern Art
Al Luqta Street
Education City, Doha, Qatar
Tel.: 00974 44028855
An QMA museum

Orientalist Museum Mathaf Doha

Orientalist Museum
Off Al Muthaf Street
Mirqab, Doha, Qatar
Tel.: 00974  44367711
An QMA museum

Qatar’s Natural History Collection in Mathaf

Qatar’s Natural History Collection
Off Al Muthaf Street (Orientalist museum)
Mirqab, Doha, Qatar
Tel.: 00974  44367711
An QMA collection

Photography Museum Doha

Photography Museum
Doha, Qatar

An QMA collection

Mathaf II Museum

Mathaf II Museum
Doha, Qatar

Doha museums

The Arabian and Islamic Heritage Library Doha

The Arabian and Islamic Heritage Library

Doha, Qatar
Tel.: 00974 4870427

Qatar Islamic Culture Center, FANAR Doha

Qatar Islamic Culture Center, FANAR
Abdullah Bin Jassim Street
Doha, Qatar
Tel.: 00974 44250250
Fax: 00974 44250200

Arab Postal Stamps Museum Doha

Arab Postal Stamps Museum
Katara Cultural Village, Building 22
Doha, Qatar
Tel.: 00974 55532918


Doha Fort (Al Koot)

Jassim Bin Mohammed Street


Tel: 00974 4424143


Weaponry Museum

Al Lagta area


Tel: 00974 4867473



Ethnographic Museum (Wind Tower House)
Grand Hamad Street the Cornice
Tel.: 00974 4436008


Aladdin's Kingdom
Entertainment Park, West Bay
Doha, Qatar
Tel.: 00974 831001


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